Border workers and taxpayers holding a B permit, don't forget to claim the deductions to which you are entitled before 31st March 2020 !

This correction may take the form of a modification of the applied scale , of a taking into account family responsibilities or a deduction of an amount from taxable gross income.

The form allows you to request to claim the following additional deductions :

The form also allows the inclusion of family dependents :

The form allows the adjustment of the collection scale C « married scale »:

NB : Married taxpayers subjected to the C scale collection can adjust the upward and downward scale of this scale if the income deviates considerably from the toric shift of CHF 65'100.-.

In addition, the rectification also makes it possible to correct the tax scale (in the event of a change in marital status during the year) and the tax rate (in the event of an employer's error or the taxpayer's cumulative part-time work).

Canton of Geneva exceptionse :

Canton of Vaud exceptions :

The form must be completed filled in, dated, signed and returned no most late the 31st 2020.


We provide you with 2 possible variants to prepare your tax return :

First method

Gather the documents from the ad hoc checklist, arrange an meeting.

Tax meeting lasting 30 minutes.

Rectification of source tax delivered by hand to the source tax service, to be paid in our office.

Second methode

Gather the documents from the ad hoc checklist.

Sending of the completed tax questionnaire and documents by post
or e-mail plus payment
by bank transfer or cash.

Rectification of source tax delivered by hand to the source tax service.


Prices are expressed in CHF

The rectification of tax source package includes :

  • Tax meeting in our office ;
  • A precise estimation of the tax refund to be received or the additional tax to be paid to the source tax service;
  • Delivery of the original form withholding tax rectification of source tax with acknowledgment of receipt (Tax office stamp);
  • A copy of the source tax rectification for your file;
  • Processing of any requests for informations received from the source tax service;
  • Check of the source tax notice within 30 days of receiving it
  • A personalized check-list that we send you ar the start of the year (in January) to help you prepare the documents for your correction source tax for the following year.

Single / Married 130.-
Complaint on the tax notice 10%*
Tax information interview 150.-
* 10% of the tax refunded
Every tax specialists reserves the right to modify the amount of the fees at any time according to the time devoted to the tax return

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