Do not neglegt your French declaration !

As every year, many individuals (non-residents or residents) ask for help in declaring their income tax purposes.

The 2020 income tax return for the 2019 income will certainly not escape the rule! Allo-Declaration Switzerland has organized itself accordingly to respond to taxpayers' requests. And this is only logical since one of the main activities of our service is to accompany private individuals on tax matters. Since 2018, we have been offering the possibility of preparing declarations (in the form of electronic or paper declarations) directly with them during the tax interview.


We provide you with 2 possibilities to prepare your tax return :

First method

Gather the documents from the ad hoc checklist, arrange an appointment.

Tax interview lasting 1 hour.

Submitting the tax return package online and paying on the spot

Second method

Gather the documents from the ad hoc checklist.

Sending of the completed tax questionnaire and documents by e-mail plus payment by bank transfer.

Sending the tax return package by mail.


Prices are expressed in CHF

The tax return package includes the following services :

Our package does not include the following services :

Single 145.-
Married 185.-
Information tax meeting 150.-
For every individual in the couple possessung different property incomes 30.-
LMNP 250.-
Real estate company 500.-
Every tax specialists reserves the right to modify the amount of the fees at any time according to the time devoted to the tax return

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