Border workers and taxpayers holding a B permit, you can save taxes on the quasi-resident status!

Since the judgment of the 26th January 2010 of the Federal Court, taxpayers taxed at source (cross-border and B permit) can now request the inclusion of actual costs in the calculation of their taxes provided that 90% of their income comes from Switzerland.

Since the judgment of the 3 August 2017 of the Constitutional Chamber of the Court of Justice, the cantonal limit on the deduction of travel expenses set at CHF 500.- will only be applied finally from the 1st of January 2017. Since then, a new appeal to the Federal Court has been filed by the European Cross-border Group in order to change the actual decision of the Geneva Court of Justice. To be continued...

The quasi-résidentstatus still remains profitable following the capping of travel costs at CHF 500.-?

Those who have taken out home loans and have high loan interests / death insurance.

Those who have carried out major renovations on their property located in France or in other countries.

Those who have medical expenses and / or health insurance premiums and / or significant disability costs.

The payment of contributions to a life insurance in Switzerland (3rd pillar B) or abroad, the payment of alimony to an adult student or a family member who is in need, the Paying donations to Swiss associations or paying contributions to a Swiss political party can also make the quasi-résident status attractive.


We provide you with 2 possibilities to prepare your tax return :

First method

Gather the documents from the ad hoc checklist, arrange an appointment.

Tax interview lasting 1 hour.

Submitting the tax return package online and paying on the spot

Second method

Gather the documents from the ad hoc check-list.

Sending of the completed tax questionnaire and documents by e-mail plus payment by bank transfer.

Sending the tax return package by mail.


Prices are expressed in CHF

The tax return package includes the following services :

Single 250.-
Married 300.-
Cohabitee 400.-
Information tax meeting 150.-
Claim on a tax notice 10%*
Assessment of quasi-resident status 100.-
* 10% of the tax refunded but a minimum of CHF 120
Every tax specialists reserves the right to modify the amount of the fees at any time according to the time devoted to the tax return.
Tax questionnaire for the second method

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